Quick Answer: Who Makes Duralast Belts?

Are Gates Belts Made in USA?

Are Gates Belts Made in USA.

Gates Corporation, based in Denver, Colorado, is a manufacturer of power transmission belts and fluid power products, which are used in diverse industrial and automotive applications..

Who makes ACDelco belts?

General MotorsACDelco is the true General Motors Original Equipment parts brand, infusing a century of experience, innovation and quality into more than 90,000 GM OE and other parts.

Do Dayco Belts squeal?

Squeal is caused by low belt tension, high accessory/idler drag, seized bearings or accessory failure, environmental or fluid contamination of the belt, belt stretch, extreme belt wear, tensioner spring degradation and/or a belt that is too long.

What is micro V belt?

Gates Micro-V Belts are superior to other V-ribbed belts. The reason is the shorter truncated V-rib design coupled with its premium construction. … Gates Micro-V belts feature a smooth-running nylon cross-cord overcord and high modulus, low- stretch polyester tensile cord for added strength and dependability.

Who makes Toyota belts?

MitsuboshiAccording to my research AISIN is owned by Toyota and manufactures the water pump. Koyo makes the bearings and Mitsuboshi makes the belt.

Are Bando belts any good?

Bando is an award-winning brand recognized by major automotive manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and many others. Here, we have its serpentine belt with four 74.5-inch ribs. … Overall, the belt is of excellent quality and will last for a while. It fits as good as the original and is easy to mount.

Are Goodyear Gatorback belts good?

Goodyear Gatorbacks are good belts – much better than the Gates alternator belt that Mazda switched to a few years ago as their preffered OEM replacement supplier.

Where are Gates V belts made?

Denver, ColoradoGates Corporation, based in Denver, Colorado, is a manufacturer of power transmission belts and fluid power products, which are used in diverse industrial and automotive applications.

Is Dayco an OEM?

Dayco: OEM. Dayco is a leading designer and manufacturer of engineered systems and componentry for power transmission. … Our Automotive OEM segment designs, manufactures and sells quality product for use in many of the world’s most popular Passenger cars, Light Commercial and Heavy Duty vehicles.

Who makes the best idler pulley?

Best idler pulleys – Buying GuideDorman 419-602 Belt Tensioner Pulley.Hayden Automotive 5979 Idler and Belt Tensioner Pulley.ACDelco 38001 Professional Idler Pulley.ACDelco 36299 Professional Idler Pulley with Bolt, 17 mm Insert, Dust Shield, Retainer, and Spacer.ACDelco 38009 Professional Flanged Idler Pulley.Gates 38001 Belt Drive Pulley.More items…

Are all serpentine belts the same?

How many different types of belts are there? A serpentine belt is the most common belt in today’s cars—it controls the functionality of most every system for your car. Alternately, your ride may feature a series of V-belts (also known as a fan belts), which perform the same all-purpose functions as a serpentine belt.

How long do serpentine belts last?

Serpentine belts last a lot longer than older V-belts ever did, but they still wear out over time. The typical replacement interval for serpentine belts and flat belts today is around 90,000 miles – which for many vehicles means only once every seven to nine years! That’s a lot of miles between belt changes.

What company makes the best serpentine belts?

The Best Serpentine Belt.1 ACDelco 4K378 Serpentine Belt.2 Bando USA 6PK2135 Serpentine Belt.3 Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt.4 Continental OE Technology Series 4060882 Serpentine Belt.5 Motorcraft JK6982D Serpentine Belt.6 Bando 7PK1781 Belts.7 ACDelco K040378HD Serpentine Belt.More items…•

Are Dayco Belts good quality?

Dayco belts are very good. As you can see, a lot of people here use them. You won’t be unhappy at all.

What is the strongest V belt?

Standard V-Belts. Kevlar / Aramid belts are created to be stronger than standard v-belts. In a Kevlar belt, the normal polyester cords are replaced with the much stronger Kevlar cords. When using machinery with a back side idler, the belt takes a beating and normal belts can wear out faster.

Where are Dayco parts made?

Dayco was consolidating into its Memphis, Tennessee Distribution Facility.

Where are continental belts made?

Based in Fairlawn, Ohio, Continental North America produces automotive, light truck and heavy duty products for the aftermarket industry, including belts, hoses, tensioners, kits and more. We make the parts that you need, including Poly-V belts with Quiet Channel Technology used on NASCAR® Sprint Cup race cars.

What is the best make of timing belt?

Best Timing Belt Reviews & Recommendations 2020Best Overall. Aisin TKF-001 Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump. … Best Value. ContiTech CK334LK1 Black Series Timing Belt Kit. … Honorable Mention. ACDelco Professional Timing Belt and Water Pump Kit with Idler Pulley and 2 Tensioners.

Which belt is better Dayco or gates?

Gates is the more popular choice for a reason, but don’t underestimate Dayco either. While Gates’ timing belt kits and radiator hoses are better (thicker construction on the later, great reliability on the former), Dayco serpentine belts are a worthy competitor.

Are Dayco Belts Made in USA?

Dayco is an OEM supplier to Toyota’s US operations, my parent’s Sienna used Dayco belts. You’ll get a Mitsuboshi or Bando from the dealer as a service part.

How do I know if I need to replace my serpentine belt?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Serpentine/Drive BeltSquealing noise from the front of the vehicle. If you notice a squealing noise coming from the front of your vehicle, it could be from the serpentine belt. … Power steering and AC not working. If the serpentine belt completely fails and breaks, then your car will break down. … Engine overheating. … Cracks and wear on the belt.