Quick Answer: What Size Are Mercedes Lug Nuts?

What is the torque on trailer wheels?

How Much Torque?12″ & 13″ tire/rim (5-lug)50 ft-lbs.

min.75 ft-lbs.

max.14″ & 15″ tire/rim (5-lug)90 ft-lbs.

min.120 ft-lbs.

max.15″ tire/rim (6-lug)90 ft-lbs.

min.120 ft-lbs.

max.16″ tire/rim (8-lug)90 ft-lbs.

min.120 ft-lbs.


Can I put car wheels on my trailer?

I don’t recommend using trailer wheels for vehicles as that is not safe, however you can use vehicle rims on a trailer if they fit properly. … If your vehicle wheel/rims fit your trailer hub bolt pattern and have clearance from the frame, body, or fender of your trailer, you can use passenger wheel/rims.

What size are Kia Soul lug nuts?

21mmDorman – Autograde – Wheel Nut M12-1.5 Acorn – 21mm Hex, 34.8mm Length (sold by each) (Part No. 611-315)

What size are my lug nuts?

The thread size or thread diameter is the measurement taken across the outside diameter of your wheel stud threads measured in either standard (7/16″, 1/2″, etc.) or metric (12mm, 14mm, etc.) dimensions. The most common thread sizes are 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″.

What size are most trailer lug nuts?

1/2 inchThere are common lug nut sizes found on trailers: 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, and 5/8 but the most common is 1/2 inch.

What size are Kia lug nuts?

19mmthe lug nuts for a 2019 kia optima will have a hex size of 19mm and a thread size of m12 x 1.5.

Are all Lugnuts the same size?

While there is no universal lug nut size, there are fortunately only about ten or so thread sizes and pitches that make up a lug nut’s size. The most common lug nut sizes are: 10mm x 1.25. 12mm x 1.25.

What’s the difference between lug nuts and bolts?

Wheel studs and lug nuts consist of two parts, while the lug bolt is a single part. This leads to one less part when using lug bolts, which can save manufacturing costs.