Quick Answer: What Is Uncultivated Land?

What is another word for uncultivated?

In this page you can discover 50 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for uncultivated, like: arid, barbaric, barbarous, coarse, crass, crude, fallow, lowbrow, rough, rude and uncivil..

What does fallow land mean?

all arable landFallow land is all arable land either included in the crop rotation system or maintained in good agricultural and environmental condition (GAEC), whether worked or not, but which will not be harvested for the duration of a crop year.

What fallow means?

adjective. (of land) plowed and left unseeded for a season or more; uncultivated. not in use; inactive: My creative energies have lain fallow this year.

What does uninhabited mean?

(of a place) not having inhabitantsan uninhabited island.

What’s a synonym for uneducated?

unschooled, illiterate, ignorant, empty-headed, ignoramus, uncultivated, uncultured, unlearned, unrefined, untaught, benighted, uninstructed, know-nothing, lowbrow, unlettered, unread, untutored.

What do you mean by uncultivated land?

uncultivated adjective (LAND) Uncultivated land is not used to grow crops: The agency has preserved wetland habitat and encouraged farmers to leave some fields uncultivated. … Farmers were lured to Australia and Argentina to develop their vast, uncultivated prairies.

What is land defined as?

1 : the solid part of the surface of the earth. 2 : an area of ground or soil of a particular kind fertile land. 3 : a part of the earth’s surface marked off by boundaries They bought some land. 4 : a country or nation your native land.

Is fallow a color?

Fallow is a pale brown color that is the color of withered foliage or sandy soil in fallow fields.

What is fallow method?

In agricultural technology: Fallow system and tillage techniques. Dryland farming is made possible mainly by the fallow system of farming, a practice dating from ancient times. Basically, the term fallow refers to land that is plowed and tilled but left unseeded during a growing season.

What are the types of fallow land?

There are two types of fallow land: true fallow and occupied fallow.

What is another name for wild?

SYNONYMS FOR wild ON THESAURUS.COM 1 undomesticated, untamed, unbroken; ferocious. 4 barbarian, savage. 5 tempestuous, stormy, frenzied, turbulent. 6 boisterous.