Quick Answer: What Is The Best Wine To Drink With Italian Food?

What red wine goes best with Italian food?

Best Red Wines to Pair with Italian FoodChianti.

Chianti is a red wine from Tuscany and is one of the most popular wines among Italians and people in America.


This heavy red wine is created in the Piedmont area of Italy and made from the Nebbiolo grape.


Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba.




Pinot Noir.More items….

What drink goes well with Italian food?

Pinot Noir is a light red wine with flavors that include earth, leather, vanilla (from the oak), and jam. This versatile wine goes well with tomato-based red sauces, but also works with cream- or oil-based sauces. Sangiovese is a hefty red wine that pairs lovely with spicy Italian dishes.

What kind of wine do you drink with pasta?

7 Wines to Pair with PastaCabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most sought-after wine in the world, and it is loved for its highly acidic, savory character. … Pinot Noir. This light red wine variety goes well with tomato-based pastas because of its lighter structure. … Zinfandel. … Chardonnay. … Merlot. … Riesling. … Sangiovese.

What is the best wine to have with lasagna?

Pairing lasagne and wine: Quick guideBeef lasagne calls for ripe, juicy red wines.Try Barbera, Gamay, plus lighter styles of Carignan and Sangiovese.Avoid too much oak and tannin.Vegetarian lasagne fans could try lightly oaked Chardonnay.

Can you drink red wine with pasta?

Since pasta dishes with tomato sauce are acidic, it’s best to pair them with a medium-bodied red wine. A wine that doesn’t match the acidity of the sauce will make the wine taste bland. An example of the perfect red wine for a tomato-based sauce would be a cabernet sauvignon or Zinfandel.

What is a famous Italian drink?

The 6 Most Popular Italian Drinks and BeveragesAperitivo. Aperitivo is known to be an excellent drink that prepares the digestive system before one sits down for a delicious Italian dinner. … Negroni. This famous Italian drink has an interesting history. … Campari. … Americano. … Bellini. … Spritz.