Quick Answer: What Does 8 Mean In Figured Bass?

What does a 7 in figured bass mean?

With seventh chords additional figures are possible: A seventh chord in root position would be 7/5/3 if completely figured.

In practice this is abbreviated to just “7.” A seventh chord in first inversion would be 6/5/3, and is abbreviated to 6/5..

What does a 5 in figured bass mean?

So in figured bass, 5/4 means a 5th above the root and a 4th above the root. This would mean (in your example, where C is the bass note) C, some kind of F, and some kind of G (this depends on the key signature—e.g., if you are in G major, it’s C, F#, G; if you are in C major, it’s C, F, G, etc.).

What is a 8 7 suspension?

The 8 means a doubling of the root (an octave above the bass, in root position) and the 8-7 means that a single voice is supposed to move down from the 8ve above the bass to the 7th above the bass.

What is the purpose of figured bass?

Figured bass, also called thoroughbass, is a kind of musical notation in which numerals and symbols (often accidentals) indicate intervals, chords, and non-chord tones that a musician playing piano, harpsichord, organ, lute (or other instruments capable of playing chords) play in relation to the bass note that these …

What is a Cadential 64?

A Cadential 6/4 (pronounced Six Four) Chord Progression is a series of triads (chords) that are played to serve a purpose in the music. These chords sound nice together. They make sense musically. They create a nice “finished” effect. They follow all the rules of harmony and melody that our dear J.S.

How can you tell a figured bass?

Realizing a Figured Bass. “Realizing” a figured bass means “making it real” or, filling out the four-part harmony by adding a tenor, alto and soprano part. Simply building up chords according the figures is not enough though, unfortunately!

What is a suspension tone?

Suspensions are accented non-chord tones occurring on downbeats. A suspension is approached by the same note and resolves down by step. A suspension is made up of a preparation, suspension, and resolution. Sometimes the preparation is tied to the suspension.

What is a 9 8 suspension?

9-8 suspension (plural 9-8 suspensions) (music) a suspension that consists of the ninth chord tone that resolves to the eighth (or the one).

What does a 3 mean in figured bass?

These numbers stood for intervals — specifically, the intervals to be found above the written bass note. Usually, the intervals given would correspond to those found in a typical triad or 7th chord. … For example, the figured bass “3” can mean a 3rd, or a 10th or a 17th, etc. — the choice is up to the player.

What does figured bass mean?

Figured bass is a shorthand system for indicating the harmonies that occur above a given bass note or string of bass notes. • The numbers represent intervals that should be played, sung, or written above the given bass note. – Compound intervals are usually reduced to simple intervals in the figured bass notation.

What does a 9 mean in figured bass?

harmony add9However, in figured bass only the typical triad is implied unless otherwise noted so just putting the 9 would make the harmony add9 instead of dominant 9. So yes it is telling you along with the typical triad built from the scale and there is also a 7th and 9th in the harmony.

What does a slash mean in figured bass?

Figured bass symbols show intervals above the bass. … A slash through a number means the note that forms that interval above the bass is raised by a half step. • 4+ means that the note a fourth above the bass is raised by a half step.