Quick Answer: Is K20 Better Than K24?

What k20 engine is the best?

K20AEngineApplicationPowerK20A22002–2004 Honda Integra Type R ( AUDM / NZDM )200 hp (149 kW) @ 7400 RPMK20A32002–2006 Acura RSX160 hp (119 kW) @ 6500 RPM2002–2005 Honda Civic Si160 hp (119 kW) @ 6500 RPM2002–2005 Honda Civic SiR160 hp (119 kW) @ 6500 RPM15 more rows.

Why is the k24 so good?

However, the K24 offers good power output. It is a larger engine and has more torque, too. The K24 is also easier and less expensive to tune. There are a number of tuning mechanisms available for the K20, however, and it is a more common engine with more readily available parts.

Is a k24a4 VTEC?

K24A4. The Honda Element and Accord come in with 9.7:1 compression and 2.4 liters of displacement. The motor is rated at 160hp at 5500rpm and 161lbs-ft at 4500rpm. … This motor has no VTEC mechanism on the exhaust cam and runs on 12 valves before 2200rpm with the other 4 slightly opening.

How much does a k24 swap cost?

We Finish This Accord-Based K24 Swap And Save $3,600!PARTTYPICAL COSTPAIDEngine$2,500$400Transmission$1,000$350ECU$250$150Wire harness$250$1005 more rows•Jul 13, 2010

What RPM does VTEC kick?

At 3000-5400 RPM, depending on load, one of the VTEC solenoids engages, which causes the second valve to lock onto the first valve’s camshaft lobe. Also called 16-valve mode, this method resembles a normal engine operating mode and improves the mid-range power curve.

How much horsepower can a k20 handle?

about 318-326hpThe K20 motor can handle about 318-326hp with no problem. But if you want more hp change out the rods and pistons.

Why is the k20 so good?

The K20 has more room for naturally aspirated power than the B-Series, to put it simply. When it comes to high horsepower, forced induction K20 engine, there is one big thing that holds this engine back: the transmission. … With simple bolt-ons, it’s pretty easy to get 200whp out of a K20 engine.

What car does a k24 engine come from?

While the high-revving K20A appeared in cars like the Acura RSX and Honda Civic Si, the 2.4 liter K24 is even more plentiful in the US market where it’s powered millions Accords, CRVs, TSXs and many other Honda and Acura products.

How much is a k24?

If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable k20 k24 – you’ll find the best k20 k24 at great prices on Joom – from 3 to 18 USD.

How much HP can k24 handle?

i would say ALL the k24 cranks are able to handle AT LEAST 700whp NO problem.

How much horsepower does a k20 VTEC have?

Honda K20 and K24 Engine SpecsHonda K-Series Engine SpecsK20AK20A2Horsepower:221 hp @ 8000 RPM200 hp @ 7400 RPMTorque:159 lb-ft @ 6100 RPM142 lb-ft @ 6000 RPMBore and Stroke (in / mm):3.386 x 3.386 / 86 x 863.386 x 3.386 / 86 x 86Compression Ratio: more rows

Why put a k20 head on a k24 block?

The same reason people inquire about a head swap on the K20a3 engines is the same reason why you would want it on the K24 engines…. Better head, more potential, more power.

Which is the best k24 engine?

The tsx will be the best k24 block but will also be the most expensive by a lot. k24a2, tsx motor~ $2500-3k. K24a3 and K24a4, accord and element block, need to change pistons, usually a lot cheaper, $500-$900.

Can a k20 transmission fit on a k24?

Re: k24 motor. k20 tranny? help! Yes they have the same bolt pattern.

What’s the best Honda Motor to build?

1) G23 Swap in a Civic The use of a SOHC 2.3 liter F23 shortblock with a H22 cylinder head can result in an excellent 2.3 liter VTEC Honda engine. People with the proper knowledge and patience and build an awesome G23 that delivers more power and torque than the K series engine, at a fraction of the cost.