Quick Answer: Is Acura Worth It Over Honda?

Does Acura hold its value?


Acura – the luxury division of Honda – received top billing for retained value from Edmunds, a well-known car appraiser.

Edmunds likes the entire 11-car line-up, from the entry-level ILX to the RDX sport utility vehicles, applauding the brand’s mix of performance, technology, and value..

Why are Acuras so expensive?

One of the big reasons the Acura MDX won KBB’s award is that it’s surprisingly cheap to maintain. Luxury vehicles are made with more expensive materials, which means they’ll cost more to repair than the average car. Luxury dealers may also charge more than regular dealers just to give the car a tune-up.

Because for almost every model there is an equivalent Honda model that is a lot lower in cost and just as reliable. Compared to what you get in a Honda, an Acura comes across as over priced. The fancier features are not valuable enough to most people to pay the difference.

Is Acura expensive to insure?

Acura is Honda’s luxury line of vehicles. But despite it being a luxury brand, Acuras aren’t typically too expensive to insure. Acuras are safe, reliable cars that often rate well with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which makes them more affordable to insure.

Do Acura cars last long?

The Acura is just a little more plush than the Honda with the same reliability. If you maintain your Acura, you will get many years and mileage from these cars/SUV’s.

Are acuras expensive to fix?

Acura is one of the more affordable cars in the luxury segment. As Honda’s luxury division, Acura vehicles are known for good performance, quality, and reliability. … According to auto repair and maintenance information website RepairPal, Acura repair costs across all models are around $501 per year.

Why are used Acuras so cheap?

When looking at used Acura cars, know that you will usually get better performance. … 5) Low Cost of Ownership – Because used Acura cars tend to cost less than other cars in their class, and because they are generally quite reliable, their overall cost of ownership is often less than for many other vehicles.

Is Lexus better than Acura?

With more wins in head-to-head comparisons between individual categories and vehicle classes, Lexus comes out as the better brand for the majority of consumers. Lexus comes out on top when it comes to predicted reliability ratings and fuel economy, while Acura leads with its performance and spacious interiors.

Can Acura be serviced at Honda?

Most drivers already know that Acura is the luxury arm of Honda, so it’s natural to ask this question: “Can Acura Be Serviced at Honda Dealerships?” The answer is yes – you can expect the same high level of servicing you’d get from an authorized Acura service center.

What is the best used Acura to buy?

The Top Ten Acura Models of the Last Decade2006 Acura TL. Acura’s TL was unveiled in 1996 as a replacement for its Vigor model, and it was a hit from the start. … 2010 Acura TSX. … 2011 Acura ZDX. … 2012 Acura RL. … 2013 Acura ILX. … 2014 Acura MDX. … 2014 Acura RLX. … 2015 Acura TLX.More items…

Is Acura more expensive to maintain than Honda?

Originally Answered: Are Acuras expensive to maintain? In general, no. Acura is the premium brand from Honda, a well-respected company renowned for their quality and reliability. However, being a premium brand, you will pay a bit more (about 25%) for all services and parts compared to a non-premium brand.

Is Acura reliable like Honda?

Cars are generally reliable. While the reputation may still remain from that era, Honda and Acura’s reliability stats are mediocre while brands like Kia, Hyundai, Audi, and Buick are outperforming them.

How long do Acura engines last?

A fairly well designed, well maintained engine should be perfectly happy running 300K at least. 500K or more depending on typical use. Typically, a well maintained engine is one of the last things to fail. Under ideal use, most any modern engine will last 1,000,000 miles.

Is Acura RDX better than Honda CRV?

Winner: 2018 Acura RDX This setup provides smooth acceleration and is more powerful than either of the CR-V’s available engines. The base Honda CR-V comes with 184 horsepower from its 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. You can upgrade to 190 horsepower from a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

Which Honda is the best?

Which Honda Sedan is Best?Honda Accord. The Honda Accord has often been referred to as the most impressive Honda ever, and for good reason! … The Iconic Honda Civic. Well-known for its reliability and longevity on the road, the Honda Civic is an iconic sedan. … Go Green In The Honda Insight.

Does Acura have transmission problems?

Even though Acura makes dependable vehicles, transmission slipping, poor shifting, shudder, or skipping are some problems that Acura owners often face. Acura transmission problems can start as early as 60,000 miles and are typically noticeable in cold weather or at startup.

Is Acura more reliable than BMW?

In general, neither brand makes reliable cars, and many models score 1/5 on reliability although you might find an Acura or BMW made in the last few years that has above average reliability.

Is Acura better than Honda?

Originally Answered: What’s better, Acura or Honda? Acura is Honda’s luxury division so you can generally expect Acura products to offer higher quality interiors and more powerful engines. I recommend making your own judgement about whether Acura cars are worth the premium pricing over the Honda’s they’re based on.