Quick Answer: How Thick Is A Bass Guitar Neck?

How wide is a bass guitar neck?

Step 3: Cut the Neck Shape The neck is 40 mm wide at nut and 63.5 mm wide at fret 22..

Which bass guitar has the thinnest neck?

The Ibanez Soundgear basses are well known for having thinner necks, you can check those out. Fender Jazz basses (Squire Jazz basses too) have thinner necks, but you may also want to check out 3/4 sized basses with a 30″ scale (short scale) instead of a full sized bass.

What is nut width on a bass guitar?

The Precision Bass guitar has a wider neck width than the Jazz Bass at the nut. The precision is approximately 40-42 mm width at the nut. … There are a lot of bass players who prefer playing a P-Bass.

Should a bass guitar neck be straight?

Your neck needs at least a slight amount of relief so that the strings don’t buzz against the frets. … So, a little relief is needed for them to not hit the frets. If your neck is straight or back-bowed, the strings may rattle against the frets causing unpleasant fret buzz.

How thick is a bass guitar body?

34 inch/86cm for a bass, 25 inch/64 cm for a guitar.

How wide is a 5 string bass neck?

They are about 44-45mm at the neck and at the heel they are about ~ 2.75″ to give you spacing of around 17mm. Also, they are THIN necks. Warwick has similar spacing at the bridge, I think it might be narower, but the necks are a bit beefy, so that might not appeal to you.