Quick Answer: How Far Can A Jet Ski Go On A Tank Of Gas?

Do jet skis use a lot of gas?

Watercraft like the Sea-doo Spark and Yamaha EX are very fuel efficient.

This means that an “average” watercraft will consume 10 gallons of gas in 1 hour.

The “average” gas tank size is about 16 gallons.

So this means you can go FULL THROTTLE for 1.6 hours on a full tank of gas on our “average” jet ski..

How many hours on a jet ski is a lot?

A low-hour Jet Ski is one that has been used for less than 50 hours, while 150 hours or more of usage is considered high. Generally speaking, 300 hours of use is an average lifespan of a Jet Ski.

Are jet skis hard to maintain?

The average jet ski gets about 30 hours of riding a year meaning that you can expect to burn 120-300 gallons in a year. Depending on gas prices you should expect to spend $300-600+ annually. Ongoing maintenance is another cost that will need to be accounted for.

How much does it cost to fill a jet ski with gas?

Jet ski gas tank sizes range from 5 to 20 gallons, depending on the model. As a rule of thumb, an “average” jet ski has 15-18 gallons of fuel capacity, while gas prices are somewhere between $2.50 – $3.00 So if we do the math, it seems it costs around $40 – $60 to fill up a jet ski.

Should I use premium gas in my jet ski?

Jet skis primarily use regular unleaded gasoline and premium gasoline. … This can be critical for owners of higher performance or supercharged personal watercraft, as those often require premium 93 octane not only for peak performance, but also for engine longevity.

What is the average price for a jet ski?

A recreation or rec-lite jet ski will cost anywhere from $5K to $10K. A performance jet ski will cost between $7.5K and $15K. A luxury jet ski will cost anywhere from $10K to $18K.

How far can a jet ski go offshore?

25-50 milesThe distance of how far a jet ski can go offshore varies widely depending on its fuel consumption, tank capacity, riding speed, and weather conditions. As a rule of thumb, jet skis can go 25-50 miles offshore without carrying extra fuel in jerry cans or auxiliary fuel tanks.

How far can a Sea Doo spark go on a tank of gas?

60-80 miles60-80 miles tops probably if you are doing between 45-50 mph. When they come out with the larger fuel tank it will be much better…….

How much gas can a jet ski hold?

A jet ski can hold an average of 16 gallons of gas in its tank. This average hold of gas can vary on the speed you are riding your jet ski. If you decide to go full throttle, your tank will last about 1.6 hours. Be sure to fill your tank before every ride.

Is saltwater bad for jet skis?

Saltwater can cause damage to your PWC. Even the backwaters near the ocean may have a high salt content that can corrode your vessel. … Saltwater can harm other components of the WaveRunner, Sea-Doo, or Jet Ski such as the seats, coverings and hull. Rise and wipe the entire PWC down.

How long do Sea Doo jet skis last?

All manufacturers make their jet skis to last 10 years, and at 30 hours a year, that is 300 hours.

How dangerous are jet skis?

Many jet skis and personal watercraft have inherent flaws which can lead to serious injuries and death. They are often grossly overpowered and become out-of-control in the hands of inexperienced or younger riders, presenting a danger to the users and others in the area.