Quick Answer: How Do I Retrieve An Archived Message On Messenger?

What happens to archived messages in Messenger?

When you archive a chat, it disappears from the chat list and hides but not deleted.

You can read the previous messages in that particular chat anytime.

You will also receive new messages.

Delete also removes the chat thread from the list but it is a permanent feature..

How do you save archived messages on Facebook?

When your story archive is turned on, your photos and videos will automatically be archived after they disappear from your story on Facebook….To turn your story archive on or off:Go to the Stories section at the top of your News Feed.Tap Your Archive.Tap .Next to Save to Your Archive, tap Turn On or Turn Off.

How do you view a story archive?

Go to your profile page on the Instagram app, tap the three vertical lines at the upper right corner of your screen and select Archive from the pop-up menu. Here you can view archived stories (and archived posts—just tap “Archive” at the top of the screen to toggle between the two).

How do you find archived messages on Facebook?

To view archived stories on Facebook mobile apps, tap the Your Archive option present at the top-right corner of the Stories section on the app home screen. Here you will find all the archived stories. Note: If you can’t see the archive section, then you should update your Facebook app.

How do I unarchive a conversation on Facebook Messenger Android?

Tap and hold on the chat and swipe to the left. Unarchive.

Can you unarchive Facebook Messages?

Open your Facebook messenger and browse to your messages. … The option of “Unarchive message” will be available beside each archived message. Click on un-archive and confirm your action. By doing this you can unarchive all the messages that you have archived previously on Facebook messenger.

How do I unarchive a message on messenger without sending a message 2020?

Now tap See all in Messenger option at the bottom of the chat screen. Tap Settings (Gear icon) then Hidden Chats. Tap on an archived conversation and send that person a message. Sending a message to that person will automatically unarchive messages.

How do you find archived messages on messenger?

StepsOpen Settings. . Click the blue, gear-shaped icon in the top-left corner of the page. … Click Archived Threads. It’s in the drop-down menu.Review your archived conversations. You’ll see a list of conversations on the left side of the page; these are all archived conversations.

How do I unarchive a message in Messenger?

How to unarchive messages on FacebookClick the gear icon in the Facebook Messenger window. Click the gear icon. … Select “Archived Chats.” Click “Archived Chats.” Emma Witman/Business Insider.Go to the chat, and respond or react to the thread, instantly undoing the archive action and moving the messages back to your primary inbox.

How do I retrieve a hidden message on messenger?

Here’s how to find the secret vault:Open the Facebook Messenger app. … Tap “Settings” in the bottom right-hand corner. … Select the “People” option. … And then “Message Requests.” … Tap the “See filtered requests” option, which sits under any existing requests you have.More items…•

Where are my archived text messages?

Bring back text conversations, calls or voicemail messages that you’ve archivedOn your Android device, open the Voice app .Tap Menu. Archive.Touch and hold the conversation, call or voicemail message that you want to bring back. … At the top right, tap Unarchive .

What is archive in messenger?

On Messenger, archiving a conversation hides that message in the “archived” box. Deleting, on the other hand, permanently removes the message and its history.