Question: What Does DRS Stand For In FantomWorks?

Is Fantom works still in business?

By the first few days of 2019, we will finish filming the television series FantomWorks.

The shop will continue to build cars for years to come but the show called FantomWorks will conclude.

A few weeks back, the network officially posted the cancellation of our television show..

Who pays for the rebuilds on garage squad?

Mark S Russell on November 14, 2019 at 2:13 am. Is there a cost to the person that suggests the build?Brian Corey on November 14, 2019 at 12:15 pm. No cost to the person who gets their car rebuilt. The show covers it all!

How old is Melissa short?

She was born in Kaaawa, Hawaii, United States and she is 47 years old. Melissa Short was born on April 24, 1973.

Where is the Phantom Works shop?

Phantom Works 2400 Hampton Blvd Norfolk, VA Auto Repair – MapQuest.

Did Graveyard Carz get Cancelled?

Graveyard Carz Season 13 Cancelled or Renewed? Graveyard Carz Season 13 is yet to be renewed by MotorTrend Network: Graveyard Carz Season 13 Release Date — “It’s Mopar or No Car” for Mark Worman and his Graveyard Carz ghouls.

Is Dallas Car Sharks fake?

12 Dallas Car Sharks According to the members of several car forums and groups, this show is one of the worst, if not the worst of all the automotive shows out there. There is absolutely nothing real about it. Even their personalities are just an act! The viewer doesn’t get to see when they actually re-sell the car.

Is overhaulin still in production?

The show originally ran for five seasons between 2004 and 2008 on TLC. After a four-year hiatus, sixth season premiered on October 2, 2012 on Velocity and Discovery (Cablevision). In June 2019, it was announced that the show would be returning for a new season on November 16, 2019 on Motor Trend.

Where is FantomWorks TV show located?

After thorough research, we are confident you will discover FantomWorks is your only choice because, in reality, we don’t have any local competition and only a handful of competitors in the United States. Our facility is located on Hampton Blvd near Old Dominion University.

What does DRS stand for at FantomWorks?

FantomWorks Begins New Partnership with Dynacorn International and New Season on Velocity Network. FantomWorks, also known as DRS Automotive, is located in Norfolk, VA, and owned by Dan Short, who served 24 years in the army as a member of the 5th Special Forces Group Airborne.

Why did Drs quit FantomWorks?

The film schedule was so demanding that during the final weeks of my father’s life, I was not able to attend to him. The show took over my life and to make matters worse, my wife and I now face almost a million dollars of debt we incurred keeping the production going. I have only one regret related to leaving the show.

How much is Dan Short worth?

Add to that the success of his own business, and that’s how Dan came to have a net worth of $3.5 million.

Does FantomWorks have cars for sale?

DRS FantomWorks is offering this FREE service. Our desire is to connect classic car aficionados in a forum to sell, purchase or just discuss great automobiles. Specializing in vintage car and aircraft clock sales, service and restoration.

Does garage squad go outside of Chicago?

Frequently Asked Questions. Q: You guys only seem to do projects in Chicago. What’s up with that? A: Our production crew is based here in the Midwest, but we’re working out the logistics to take Garage Squad from coast-to-coast.

What is Dan shorts middle name?

Daniel B. Short (born July 11, 1961) is an American politician.

How much does FantomWorks charge to rebuild a car?

How much will it cost? The total cost depends on the cost of parts and materials as well as $78.00-$98.00 per hour in labor for the work the customer agrees to have us do.

How much does FantomWorks make per episode?

He’s not only doing great for himself and the shop with all the great modifications, but he also earns a salary through the Velocity TV show. Typically, a reality show like FantomWorks earns its cast members anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 per episode, depending upon the popularity of the show.

How long does it take to fully restore a car?

1,000 hoursTime is an important factor in full restoration projects since it can take around 1,000 hours to fully restore a classic car. You’re going to need a lot of parts which won’t always be easy to find and will cost significant sums of money.

What state is FantomWorks located in?