Question: Is A Mini Tummy Tuck Dangerous?

What does a mini tummy tuck scar look like?

During a mini tummy tuck, a slightly smaller incision is made low on the belly.

In most cases, this incision is approximately 4-8 inches long, which is similar to the size of a C-section scar.

As a result, the scar is often undetectable.


Do you regret getting a tummy tuck?

Thinking about getting a tummy tuck? It’s often a high-satisfaction procedure…but there are a few things you should know first. … It’s also a “high-satisfaction” procedure, meaning that most people who decide to get a tummy tuck don’t regret the decision.

Does mini tummy tuck tighten muscles?

A mini-tummy tuck may be a good option for you. This technique involves a single incision made just above the pubic mound, through which your cosmetic surgeon will tighten loose muscles (flattening the “pooch”) and remove excess skin to restore a smooth, flat abdominal wall.

Do you lose weight after a mini tummy tuck?

There are three types of tummy tuck you may undergo. A mini tuck only addresses loose skin and excess fat beneath the navel. If you undergo this procedure, you won’t lose as much weight as you would with a full tuck or an extended tuck.

Do you need drains with a mini tummy tuck?

A drainless abdominoplasty doesn’t require surgical drains to be implemented after the surgery is completed. Drains are typically used in the traditional surgical method to get rid of access fluid that pools in the surgical site.

Do I need a mini or full tummy tuck?

Mini tucks are ideal for people at normal body weight, with just a small, lower belly pooch. If you have excess fat, saggy skin above your belly button, or have lost a lot of weight and have a lot of excess skin, you’ll need a full tummy tuck.

How painful is a mini tummy tuck?

The truth is, nothing about the tummy tuck recovery is excruciating. The discomfort after a tummy tuck comes not from the incision, which will actually be numb for some time, but from the muscle tightening.

How long does a mini tummy tuck take?

about 2-3 hoursTypically, a mini tummy tuck takes about 2-3 hours to complete. It is important that the surgeons are able to take their time and produce the best results possible.

What hurts more tummy tuck or C section?

Generally speaking, most patients report easier recovery from tummy tuck surgery than C-section. Although patients vary in their pain tolerance and recovery, both procedures are comparable in terms of rehabilitation and mobility. I agree with most patients that the recovery from tummy tucks is probably easier.

What is the difference between a mini tummy tuck and a full?

The main difference in a mini and full tummy tuck is the amount of skin tightening above the belly button, and the need for an incision around the belly button to re-site it.

Is a mini tummy tuck worth it?

RealSelf members who’ve had a mini tummy tuck give it a 90% Worth It Rating, compared to a 96% Worth It Rating for full tummy tuck surgery. It’s important to have a realistic view of what a mini procedure can achieve.

What is the average cost of a mini tummy tuck?

Mini Tummy Tuck surgery can reduce small bulges caused by excess skin and fat after significant weight loss or pregnancy. The tummy tuck surgery surgical fee starts from only $30/Week with surgical fees from $5000 after rebates with additional fees depending on insurance status (setup and admin fees may apply).

What is better tummy tuck or liposuction?

For these patients a tummy tuck might be the best choice. A tummy tuck is more invasive than liposuction, but it can remove excess abdominal skin and tighten muscle, which may be essential in achieving the best results for those that have lost a lot of weight or that have had children.

Do you get another belly button with a mini tummy tuck?

The mini tummy tuck incision is much shorter than a traditional, full tummy tuck incision. This may be the only incision, and the belly button is allowed to “float” downwards to a new position without an additional belly button incision.

What involved in a mini tummy tuck?

A mini tummy tuck is an invasive surgery that involves incisions to remove excess fat and skin. This means some scarring will occur. For the procedure, you can expect a horizontal scar from hip to hip (or slightly smaller than this). With proper post-op scar care, scars can fade well.