Question: Are ACDelco Advantage Parts Any Good?

Is Moog better than AC Delco?

The ACDelco Advantage line is a discounted, generic lineup of lower quality.

The MOOG R-series are similar to ACDelco’s Advantage – cheaper parts of inferior quality..

What is ACDelco professional?

Better: The ACDelco Professional line is the premium aftermarket offering for GM and non-GM makes and models. It includes more than 13,000 SKUs and offers pads, shoes, drums, rotors, cables, hardware kits, hoses, wheel cylinders, master cylinders and remanufactured calipers and brake boosters.

Are ACDelco rotors good?

Best Overall Rotors: the best overall OE replacement rotor for commuters is the AC Delco Professional Brake Rotor. They are high quality, inexpensive, look good and made by a reputable manufacturer. They are also available for a wide variety of makes and models.

What parts store sells ACDelco?

ACDelco Brand Products | O’Reilly Auto Parts.

What is the difference between ACDelco advantage and professional?

Registered. Advantage is the cheaper line of parts and Professional is the OEM grade, higher quality parts line.

Is AC Delco made in China?

A whole lot of AC Delco, made in China. Chevy Trax is made in China too, probably the same car. Chevy Trax is made in China for the Chinese market.

What brand is OEM for Chevy?

ACDelcoACDelco is the true General Motors’ Original Equipment parts brand for Chevrolet.

What does ACDelco stand for?

ACDelco is an American automotive parts brand owned by General Motors (GM). Factory parts for vehicles manufactured by GM are consolidated under the ACDelco brand, which also offers aftermarket parts for non-GM vehicles.

Are OEM brake pads better than aftermarket?

A: OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” so OEM brake pads are the same as those that came with the vehicle. The friction material on the brake pads may be organic, semi-metallic or ceramic. Brand-name aftermarket pads are just as good — and sometimes better — than OEM. Don’t waste money.

Is Moog a good brand?

When it comes to high quality suspension parts, Moog is one brand that many car owners prefer. If you want to get the wheels of your car back in line, you can buy Moog’s R-Series Control Arm. … The Moog Control Arm comprises Moog Problem Solver bushings and ball joints for better performance and ease of installation.

Where is Moog parts made?

After a search of our Moog inventory, we found out that Moog makes their parts everywhere from Japan… and of course, the United States of America.

Is Mevotech a good brand?

Mevotech TTX are really good aftermarket parts, very high quality. Mevotech Supreme is near OEM level. That being said , you can probably get OEM for near the same price as high quality aftermarket. Nothing really will perform as well and fit as well as OEM parts.