Is Hotels Com Owned By Expedia?

Are hotels com and Expedia the same company?

For those keeping track, Expedia now owns Travelocity, Orbitz,, Hotwire, Trivago, CheapTickets and eBookers, among others.

Priceline’s stable of online travel agencies (OTAs) now includes, Kayak and

Does Microsoft own Expedia? launched on October 22, 1996 as a division of Microsoft. In 1999, Microsoft spun off the company as a public company. Rich Barton became Expedia’s CEO.

Does Expedia own Airbnb?

Expedia acquired HomeAway in 2015, and has spent the last three years improving the site’s technology and boosting its online offerings. … Expedia’s HomeAway has 1.7 million bookable online listings, while rival Booking Holdings — formerly Priceline — and Airbnb both have around 5 million.

Who is the CEO of Expedia?

Peter KernExpedia Group names Peter Kern as new CEO, lands $3B financing package. Peter Kern is the new CEO of Expedia Group and Eric Hart is chief financial officer.

Who is Expedia’s biggest competitor?

Expedia CEO: Google Is Our Biggest Competitor – Skift.

Is it better to book directly with the hotel?

Better Rooms, Better Service Hotel room assignments and special requests are prioritized for those who book directly. So, asking for a room on a higher floor or choosing one or two beds is easier to arrange this way. Alternatively, those who book through OTAs are more likely to get stuck with the “ice machine rooms.”

Is booking through Expedia legit?

Expedia is also one of the most reputable names in travel, and they rely heavily on providing a great experience for new customers to ensure they return for their next travel booking. They protect customer data, and make sure that your travel plans are booked safely.

What travel companies are not owned by Expedia?,,, and all do hotel bookings, and are all part of The Priceline Group, and thus not owned by Expedia.

Is it better to book through Expedia or the hotel?

Travelers booked flights and hotels through these sites back in the day because their prices seemed to be so much cheaper. But now, you can get the same deal, if not a better one, booking directly with an airline or hotel. … Plus, you also get better customer service if you book directly through the hotel.

Is Expedia and Travelocity the same?

Expedia – owns Travelocity, Orbitz, CheapTickets, Hotwire and eBookers. Priceline – owns Kayak,, Cheapflights, Agoda and Momondo.

Who owns VRBO?

HomeAwayVrbo/Parent organizations

Can you get your money back from hotel?

“The hotel has the legal right to keep the money,” she says. “But I’ve found that if you have a reasonable excuse for canceling the room, most places will offer you a refund without you even having to ask.” … Bottom line: Nonrefundable hotel rooms shouldn’t exist. But they do.

Is Getaroom part of Expedia? obtains and displays prices offered by the Expedia companies (Expedia, and Orbitz). When its own price is lower, Getaroom sells its own inventory. … was founded in 2009 by the former CEO and president of, Dave Litman and Bob Diener.

Is CheapTickets owned by Expedia?

You may want to think twice about how you use online travel booking sites like Expedia and Orbitz. … Expedia’s holdings include CheapTickets,, Hotwire Group, Orbitz, Trivago and Travelocity, while Priceline Group owns and Kayak.

What companies are owned by Expedia?

Expedia Inc.: Owns,,,, — plus TripAdvisor subsidiaries,,,, and Orbitz Worldwide: Owns, and

Is Hotels com a reputable site?

Very reliable. But as with any site you might want to contact the hotel directly to see if they’ll do better than the price quoted on the third-party site. … is the same company as Expedia, which also owns Hotwire.

Does Expedia own lastminute com?

Skift Take: Expedia Group has what is internally called a “comet” team, which aims to retain the distinctiveness of six brands — Travelocity, Orbitz, CheapTickets, Ebookers, Wotif, and — while synching up and coordinating their marketing and technology practices.

What site is better than Expedia?

If booking travel accommodations with Expedia leads to more jet lag than enjoyment, here are 9 other popular sites like Expedia for you to try.Priceline. ( … Orbitz. ( … Flipkey. ( … Hotwire. ( … ( … … Trivago. … TripAdvisor.