Do Pensioners Get Discount On DStv?

Do pensioners get discount at Makro?

Makro – For over-60s, 10% off on general goods and 15% off on food items on Tuesdays only..

How can I reduce my DStv package?

When you upgrade, you need to pay in the difference between your current package and the upgraded package for the time left until your next payment date. You can downgrade once a month on the day your subscription payment is due. You can log onto Self Service and request for us to schedule this downgrade for you.

What day is pensioners day at Checkers?

MediRite pharmacies (you’ll find them in over 140 Checkers and Shoprite stores nationwide) offers pensioners over 60 a free wellness screening on the first Wednesday of every month. Book ahead and remember to take your ID along with you.

How can I use DStv without subscription?

How To Watch DStv Channels For Free Without Paying Subscription FeesGo to on Sign Up.Fill in your details.Click Create An Account.Provide your ID, smartcard or customer number. If you’re not subscribed to DStv, scroll to the bottom and choose Skip.

What age is a senior citizen in South Africa?

60In terms of the age requirement, a South African needs to be 60 in order to qualify for the Older Persons Grant. So pretty safe to say that you become a pensioner or senior citizen in South Africa by the age of 60.

What channels are free on DStv?

The channels which are now available to stream for free are:100 – DStv.180 – People’s Weather.238 – SuperSport Play.313 – PBS Kids.320 – Channel O.343 – TBN.400 – BBC World News.401 – CNN.More items…

How do I downgrade my DStv package online?

Visit the DSTV customer self-service portal. Sign in using your Connect ID or enter your mobile number or surname, followed by your customer number or Smartcard number. After signing in, tap the Account button to go to the account page. There is an Add or Change button on the account page.

How can I change my DStv package?

Once you have signed in click on the Account button. On the Account page click on the Add or Change button. You will then get to the Add or Change page where you can view your current package and see a list of packages that you can upgrade too as well as a list of add-ons that are available to you.

What discounts can you get when you are 60?

Over 60 travel discountsSave 1/3 on train tickets with a National Rail Senior Railcard. … Free London travel. … Free bus travel in Wales and Scotland. … 1/3 off National Express coach tickets. … 10% off Interrail tickets. … Senior discounts on air fares. … Cheaper holidays. … Save on car maintenance at ATS Euromaster.

How do I get a pensioners card?

You must be:60 years of age or over.a permanent resident of NSW.the holder of a valid green Medicare card or a Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) card.averaging 20 hours or less a week of paid work across a 12-month period (if applying for a NSW Seniors Card)More items…

Does DStv have pensioners discount?

If you are a pensioner and are wondering do pensioners get discounts on DSTV? Well, DStv does offer a commercial subscription to multi-unit retirement homes, which means that pensioners can get DStv services at a reduced rate.

Can you watch all channels on DStv now?

What is DStv Now? DStv Now is a free streaming service available to all DStv customers. It’s the online version of DStv – a way to watch DStv on just about any device! With DStv Now, you’ll see all the same channels you can on your decoder at home, but on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, smart TV or Xbox.

Can you watch DStv now without subscription?

DStv Now is the online version of DStv and it’s free to DStv subscribers. Watch on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, smart TV or Xbox. … But what many people don’t know is there’s a totally free section to DStv Now available to people who don’t have a DStv subscription at all.

Which airlines offer senior citizen discounts?

Here are the various airlines that offer discounts and the ways you can take advantage of their deals.American Airlines. American Airlines and its partner airline American Eagle offer senior discounts for those 65 and over. … Southwest Airlines. … British Airways. … United Airlines. … Delta Airlines. … Deal Sites.

Does Telkom give pensioner discount?

Information on Telkom rebates/discounts for social pensioners and customers aged 70+ years may be found online in the document titled Telkom retail fixed line tariff list. Apply for any rebate/discount/concession at your local Telkom office or Telkom Direct Shop.

Can I pause my DStv subscription?

Can I suspend my DStv subscription? Yes, you can. If you no longer need to access their packages, there are quite a few methods you can use to terminate your account. Note that this is a cancellation and not upgrading or downgrading from one boutique to another.

How much is Sassa grant for pensioners?

The amount of the old person’s grant changes every year. Currently, the maximum amount that you’ll get is R1 780 per month. If you’re older than 75 years, you’ll get R1 800. Any changes in the grant amounts are reflected every year in the national budget speech or at the opening of Parliament.

What discounts can I get with a pension card?

As the holder of a Pensioner Concession Card, you are entitled to reduced-cost medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and various state and territory government concessions, such as reductions on property and water rates, energy bills, motor vehicle registration and public transport.