Do Discord Servers Get Deleted?

What happens to a discord server if the owner is deleted?

Discord on Twitter: “It will sit there with a deleted user as the owner.

Otherwise everyone else can still chat on it.

:o… “.

Can a discord server be banned?

Platform Bans If a user violates the Discord Terms of Service or the community guidelines, Discord’s Trust and Safety Team can disable or delete user accounts, mark IP addresses suspicious, ban IP addresses.

Can you get banned for using better discord?

Can we get punished for BetterDiscord? Depending on how you use it nothing can happen or you can have your account disabled/banned.

What happens when a discord Server is deleted?

Discord deleted the Discord server That doesn’t mean the owner will share that with the community but a responsible owner would so behavior can be modified to prevent any more reports.

Do discord servers expire?

The reason Discord isn’t so strict with server expiration is because of the way servers are handled. The more members a server has, the more taxing it’ll be on Discord’s server machines. Don’t fret, your server won’t be going anywhere.

How do I bypass a discord ban?

Here’s how:Turn off the WiFi on your mobile device. … Launch the Discord mobile app on your phone.Create a new account with a new e-mail address.Log into Discord with your new account, and join the server that you were banned on.Log out of Discord and turn off your mobile data.More items…•

Does discord delete inactive servers?

No discord doesn’t delete inactive servers. … The server will simply have no owner, but it wouldn’t get removed till all the members left the server. Deletion of an account would be impossible because prior to deletion the owner is forced to transfer ownership of all servers.

Can you IP ban discord?

When you ban someone off your Discord Server, Discord will IP ban them meaning the account is banned and they can’t make another one and join on the same IP. … only discord themselves can not you. you can ban them from your server.

Can you restore deleted discord account?

Restoring your account First, login on the desktop or browser app, and you should get a dialog box letting you know your account is pending deletion: All you have to do now is click Restore Account and your account will be restored and you’ll be back in your account!

How do you tell if a discord account is deleted?

Active Users should look something like this: When an account is deleted, the name of the account changes to something along the lines of “DeletedUser#####.” The numbers that appear after the “DeletedUser” may be all zeros or a bunch of randomly generated numbers.