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To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to express our gratitude for your attention and take this opportunity to introduce Rastak Tower Manufacturers along with a brief description of its abilities and capabilities.

Rastak Tower Manufacturers is an engineering company, which has been registered under the number of 6747 at Amol deeds and property general registration office on August 5, 2014.

The company profits from experts and experienced engineers, high technical knowledge, and capable technical staffs. It utilizes extensive facilities and equipment as well as various types of machinery to provide many services in the fields of procurement and manufacture of goods and materials required by employers. Furthermore, in implementation design of different constructional, mechanical and electrical operations in installation and initiation different projects and in general, in various industrial sectors of the country, the company consists with national and international standards, which will attach here.

Hereby the company announces its readiness to take responsibilities for landscaping due to its ample experiences in industrial management, design, and implementation of various industrial and constructional projects.

To start our co-operation, please ask the relevant authorities to contact the company and express the required issues.

The company has received grade 5 in architectural conservation from the management and planning organization of Iran.


Executive Capabilities in Architectural Conservation

  • Implementation of residential, administrative, cultural, sport, military, health, medical, educational buildings and guest houses
  • Landscaping relating to industrial and residential areas as well as green spaces
  • Implementation of heavy metal and concrete buildings (architectural conservation)
  • Implementation of metal and concrete high-rise apartments
  • Implementation of underground storage of water and fuel
  • Implementation of water and wastewater distribution network, refinery and relevant pump stations
  • Implementation of constructional and structural operations, high and low-pressure posts, and transmission line towers
  • Implementation of a variety of metal and concrete tanks
  • Implementation of a variety of industrial, agricultural and sport sheds
  • Asphalt and landscaping the passageways
  • Repair and maintenance of residential, industrial, and administrative buildings
  • Supply of materials